Hi There!

My name is Stephanie and I’m a sometime stitcher hoping to become a more serious stitcher. 🙂 I’ve been an avid stalker of cross-stitching blogs for several years now. I find a night of stitching can unwind me better than anything else. In order to keep myself more focused on my stitching I decided to create a blog and keep myself accountable on my projects.

I’ve recently been inspired to keep up with my stitching by a girl who says I inspired her! Jessie at Jessie in Stitches found a new hobby and RAN with it. She has been doing some fantastic work and it has in turn inspired me to keep up with my work. I am a collector of sorts so I have quite a cross-stitching stash already. My game plan is to do a weekly post for each work in process and one stash post each week. I hope you’ll join me on my cross-stitching adventure! 🙂